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Kurts Ersa has three areas of business - Electronics Production Equipment, Moulding Machines and Automation & Components - offer innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. As technology leader we repeatedly set new standards.

El Paso TX, United States

Mario Chavez

T:   656.367.2858

Soldering & Desoldering Stations

The ERSA Soldering & Desoldering station are perfectly suited for all SMT and PTH soldering applications in electronic production, rework and touch-up as well es in R&D. Especially suited for SMT soldering and desoldering are: the hot air tool i-TOOL AIR S and the desoldering tweezers CHIP TOOL VARIO.

Tools for Soldering Stations

Today, the soldering irons and sets, high-speed soldering irons and have proven their merit many times over throughout the world, always providing the fitting solution for various applications.

Chihuahua, Mexico

Giovany Felix

T: 614.266.8798

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mario Chavez

T:   656.367.2858

Guadalajara, Mexico

Luis Flores

T: 33-1521-7115

Tijuana, Mexico 

Jose Manuel Saldana

T: 664.261.2166

Soldering & Desoldering Tips

Ersa has a wide variety of Soldering & Desoldering Tips replacement for any specific application 

Monterrey, Mexico                Francisco Macias

T: 81-1595-9246