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JNJ Industries is the manufacturer of GlobalTech®, a line of environmentally responsible solvents and cleaning products for industries which include high technology, automotive, aerospace, electronics, screen printing, and industrial manufacturing.

El Paso TX, United States

Mario Chavez

T: 656.367.2858

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mario Chavez

T: 656-367-2858

Saul Garcia

T: 656-562-9669


SmartRoll®  UnderStencil Wiping Rolls

Stencil Wiping Rolls used in the electronic industries, JNJ use first quality materials for every roll, with Class 100 Clean room fabrics, ESD safe static dissipative shrink film, and lithographical lined core tubes.    

  • Excellent air flow characteristics 

  • Very  absorbent, extremely low lint 

  • Very low particle generation 

  • Strong, resists tears 

  • Works excellent for vacuum assisted wiper assemblies 

  • Works with and without solvent

Chihuahua, Mexico

Giovany Felix

T: 614-266-8798

Guadalajara, Mexico

Luis Flores

T: 33-1521-7115

Tijuana, Mexico 

Jose Manuel Saldana

T: 664-261-2166

Monterrey, Mexico                Francisco Macias

T: 81-1595-9246