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Discrete heat processor where the heat chamber moves towards the part. It has the capacity to process tubes up to 1-1 / 2 inches in diameter.  Ideal size for processes of low to medium volume.

The MIDI TOASTER consists of two versions. The first version has only one heat zone and an effective heat area is 9 ”longitudinal. The premium version has 3 heat zones and an effective heat area of ​​11 'longitudinal. The MIDI TOASTER is the ideal choice for medium volume.

Option between 9" or 11" zone

Can process multiple pieces at the same time 

Able to process different configurations, with the use of a fixture specially designed for each process.

Hoja Tecnica de la MIDI TOASTER 1 ZONE

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Hoja Tecnica de la MIDI TOASTER 3 ZONE

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