Shenzhen Sunmenta Electronic co., LTD. is a 3D measurement in the field of micro innovators, which is focus on 3D core components research, development, design and manufacture with near 10 years history and experience.

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El Paso TX, United States

Mario Chavez

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Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mario Chavez

T: 656-367-2858

Saul Garcia

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Stencil Information Management System 

This is the first and leading full automatic stencil inspection machine in China, which can solve all the problem for making and cleaning the stencil, improve the cleaning process, establish stencil management standard, improve the production management system, automatic inspection instead of manual checking, reduce the labor cost, improve the products quality as well as solve the excess solder, insufficient solder short problem at the very beginning

Chihuahua, Mexico

Giovany Felix

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Guadalajara, Mexico

Luis Flores

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Tijuana, Mexico 

Jose Manuel Saldana

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Monterrey, Mexico                Francisco Macias

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