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Discreet heat processor  where piece is set and the heating chamber moves over. It has the ability to process tubes up to 11/4 inches in diameter, the largest capacity in this type of equipment.

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The MINI 4.0 is a two-part tabletop processor consisting of a heating chamber and a control box. The heating chamber is designed to occupy minimum space in the work area while the separate control box can be placed on or adjacent to the processing zone. The camera and control box are connected by a flexible six-foot umbilical cord. 

Two types of operating modes that allows time and temperature to be  programed, 1 with memory; 2 manual.

Ready for manufacturing 4.0 and ready for blue open system.

 Can process multiple pieces at once.

Able to process different configurations, with the use of a fixture specially designed for each process.

Full Specifications MINI TOASTER 4.0

          Full Specifications             MINI TOASTER PNEUMATIC 4.0

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